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 Wht color are u feeling like?

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PostSubject: Wht color are u feeling like?   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:38 am

Guys just tell us the colour whcih u r feeling like rite now ..

blue:Clam, kool
Green:Natural, down to earth
Turquoise:Sweet, feminine
Red:action, confidence,courage,vitality, love
Pink:Peaceful, truthful, spirituality
Yellow:Happy, joy
Gold:Cheerful, hyper
Orange:Strong, powerful
Purple:Mysterious, Royal
Lavender:Graceful, elegant
Black:Loney,feeling dead, angry
Grey:Neutral, sorrow
Brown: ODD
Beige:Bored, confused,
Ivory:U have lost ur mind, crazy
White: Clean, innocent

You can also add other colors of ur own

i am feeling Black..

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Wht color are u feeling like?
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