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 A, B, C, D .., Let's start !

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A, B, C, D .., Let's start ! Empty
PostSubject: A, B, C, D .., Let's start !   A, B, C, D .., Let's start ! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 17, 2010 11:35 am

Dear Members...

Time for a new game ...
First person will write a sentence starting with
alphabet A , next one with B , then C and so
on ...Z and then again A ...

for instance :

1st person: Adam lambert is a great singer
2nd person: But i dont like it
3rd person: Come on talk abt sumthng else
4th person:Do u like chocolates

Its like that

So lets start !

All of you are welcome here .. Smile

A, B, C, D .., Let's start ! Live-laugh-love
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A, B, C, D .., Let's start !
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