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 Smile Chocolates lead to acne??? Busted!!!

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PostSubject: Smile Chocolates lead to acne??? Busted!!!   Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:13 am

A friend of mine always kept on telln me not to have chocolates as it leads to acne and pimples... However since I am a big chocolate lover n cant leave it, I tried checkn up at places about its harmful effects on the skin....

But the myth got busted!! Wat I read about this was " Eating chocolates and grease-laden food may pile on the calories, but blaming oily food for acne breakouts is incorrect (and unfair!!!). Dermatologists say that pimples are caused by extreme stress or hormonal imbalance and not by oily food. Eating fruits like plums, pomegranates and black grapes does promote a healther complexion...

I hop this info is useful for u gurlies too..

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Smile Chocolates lead to acne??? Busted!!!
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